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Basic navigation for learners
Basic navigation for learners

Basic Riipen navigation for learners

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This article outlines the basic navigation learners.

Navigation Bar

  • Portal switcher

    • Switch between portals, search for portals, and view portal profiles.

  • Messages

    • All conversations you are a member of.

  • Calendar

    • In-app calendar to track important dates

  • Notifications

    • updates on activity across your experiences and teams.

  • User avatar

    • User account menu where you can access your Profile, Settings, Help and Log out options.

Main navigation

  • My Content

    • My Dashboard - view your recent content such as teams and applications.

    • My Projects - view projects that you have begun working on.

    • My Experiences - view experiences you have joined.

    • My Achievements - view achievements you've earned or are eligible for.

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