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Understanding portal passes, for companies

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As an employer who's a member of a company, you'll see the menu option "Portals" in the "Company" group of your main navigation. This section lists all portals on Riipen for which your company has a portal pass.

When you have a portal pass, you company is able to access the portal's private subdomain . Rather than viewing app.riipen.com and the open marketplace across all portals, you can go to {subdomain}.riipen.com (eg. myschool.riipen.com) to have a customized experience of the platform, managed by that portal. You'll see the portal's logo and colors in use, their selected terminology, and their workflows.

Within this portal, you will be able to:

  • Access that portal's subdomain (i.e. {schoolname}.riipen.com) where you can view their portal's marketplace and find the portal's private experiences.

  • Promote your projects to their portal's marketplace for a higher likelihood of matching with experiences within that portal.

To use Riipen, it's not necessary to have any portal passes as the open marketplace is accessible to all portals. Portal passes do grant you priority access to specific portals, if you have an interest in working with a specific institution or program.

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