Institutions are able to segment their content and access under different portals.

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A portal is a customized and branded area on Riipen that represents an institution, or school and is where members of the institution can create and manage experiences, manage their network of companies, customize workflows and view outcomes such as reports.

Portals can also be linked to other portals that house specific segments of the institution; e.g. faculties, colleges within universities, student clubs, etc. These are referred to as "sub portals."


  • Branded portal

    Portals can be branded to a specific institution's needs including logo, color scheme, terminology, subdomain, and more.

  • Experiences

    Experiences are created by educator members of the portal and can all be viewed and managed within the portal itself.

  • Matchmaking marketplaces

    Educators within the portal can connect with companies to match with real projects for their learners while also growing their own network.

  • Members & Learners

    Both educators and learners can be invite into the portal via different means in order to be managed and given access to collaborate on experiences.

  • Portal Passes

    Companies can be issued portal passes for portals. This allows them to access the portal's private marketplace of experiences. It also allows them to promote projects directly to the portal so that educators can browse their portal's private marketplace of projects.

  • Gamification

    Award learners within a portal with badges and achievements to keep them motivated and reward them for their hard work.

  • Reports

    Portals have reports covering all activity within that portal

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