Setting project dates

How start, end and milestone dates are set for learners completing projects on Riipen

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Who determines when learners start and complete projects? The answer for that starts with the experience administrator. In the experience wizard, in the "Timeline" step, the educator is asked who sets the dates for the experience.

They can select from these options:

In short, dates may be set by the experience, the matched project or the team depending on what this is set to.

Dates set by experience

If the dates are set by the experience, the educator sets the start date, milestones and end date. Every project matched with the experience, and every team on those projects is expected to complete their work on approximately the same timeline. The dates are repeated on the match page and team page.

These dates cannot be changed once a match is made to the experience.

Dates set by matched project

If the dates are set by the matched project, the educator does not input any project dates. When a project has a match request with the experience, the employer is prompted to input their desired start and end dates and milestones as part of the match request wizard.

Every match under that experience may run on different dates, but the educator approves these in the match request process.

All teams that are added to that matched project are expected to complete the project on a similar timeline.

When the request is accepted, these dates are locked in for the match.

Dates set by team

If the dates are set by the team, the experience and match both are dateless. Dates are not set until a team either applies to or starts a project.

If applications are required, the learners will input their proposed project dates in the application. If the employer accepts their application, the dates are confirmed for the team.

If applications are not required, the learners will input their dates when they click "Start this project" and send their initial introduction to the employer.

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