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Matching your experience to projects
Matching your experience to projects

Finding projects for your experience

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After publishing an experience, the next step is to match it with suitable projects so that your learners may complete them.

Browsing the project marketplaces

Open marketplace

The open project marketplace shows projects from all companies on Riipen who are open to working with any portal.

Some portals may have the open marketplace disabled.

The best way to match is to browse through the project marketplace, searching by keyword and applying relevant filters such as the categories your experience relates to, the industries you prefer to work with, and the locations of companies that you prefer.

Portal marketplace

The portal marketplace will be enabled if your portal has invited any of their own network to Riipen.

The same search and filter options are available here. These companies have a particular interest in working with your portal alone, and sending requests in the private marketplace has a higher likelihood of a match.

Matching to a project

Once you have found a suitable project for your experience and your learners, check out this complete and comprehensive guide to sending match requests to a project.

Don't hold out for the perfect project, companies are willing to modify their projects to meet your and your learner's needs. You will be able to propose alterations to the project during the match request process.

Best practices

Most experiences on Riipen will receive one or more project requests from employers within 14 days of posting, but you can often match with companies quicker by:

  • Ensuring the experience is written for employers to read rather than for learners or other educators.

  • Browsing the marketplace and sending requests regularly. On average, educators who send requests (instead of waiting for a request) find a match 8 days earlier than those who do not!

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