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Customizing your portal
Customizing your portal

Customizing your institution’s portal as a portal administrator.

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As a portal administrator, you have the ability to customize your portal to better fit the brand and practices of your institution. Portal administrators will be able to customize the logo, color palette, vocabulary, the portal’s subdomain, and more.

All portal customization can be found by navigating to the "Settings" tab under the "Portal" group of the main navigation, then clicking "Customization."


Each portal on Riipen now has a unique subdomain - this takes the format {portalsubdomain} While this can be changed with support from the Riipen team, we recommend setting this once and not changing it thereafter.

Your portal subdomain should usually mirror your website or email domain. For example, if your institutional email address is, your portal subdomain should likely be


Click on the camera icon to add a custom logo for your portal's main navigation. Once you've cropped the logo to your satisfaction, click "Save" to close the modal, then "Submit" to update your logo.

This will update the logo shown in the navigation bar on the faar left for all users who are using Riipen from your subdomain.

The logo will be cropped to 161px wide by 40px high. We recommend choosing a logo where the name of the institution is as large as possible within that space, with minimal imagery. If no logo is provided, the Riipen logo will be shown.


Select a primary and secondary color to represent your institution. There will usually be a digital branding guide for your institution that will dictate what these two colors should be. We strongly recommend against any light colors here: darker, more saturated colors will work best and be more visually appealing.

When setting a color, you can select the eyedropper icon and click on your desired color anywhere on your screen to fill the color code in automatically. Alternatively, fill in the RGB value for the color in the input provided.

If you have the hex code for the color instead, Google "hex code to RGB conversion" to find a tool to get the equivalent RGB code.

Click "Submit" after selecting your two colors. This will update all primary and secondary buttons across the platform, as well as the background color on wizards and the marketplace.


Across your portal's subdomain, you can use custom terminology for the main vocabulary used on the platform. For example, you may wish to change learner to student. Make sure to use lower-case for any new terminology, as capitalization will be updated as needed across the platform. Plural forms are also handled automatically.

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