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Every portal on Riipen has a unique subdomain at which learners, educators and employers can access that portal's content. The subdomain is the part of the URL that comes before '.riipen.com'.

While on a portal's unique subdomain (eg. myuniversity.riipen.com) Riipen is customized by the institution via the logo, colors, and terminology to reflect the institution's preferences. Outside of a portal, a user will find themselves at app.riipen.com, which reflects Riipen's branding and shows content across all portals and all companies.

  • As an educator or learner, you will usually always be accessing Riipen at a portal subdomain.

  • As an employer, you will usually access Riipen outside of a portal, unless you obtain a portal pass for a portal (by invitation or application) in order to access their private marketplace.

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