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Every portal on Riipen has a unique subdomain at which learners, educators and employers can access that portal's content. The subdomain is the part of the URL that comes before '.riipen.com'.

While on a portal's unique subdomain (eg. myuniversity.riipen.com) Riipen is customized by the institution via the logo, colors, and terminology to reflect the institution's preferences. Outside of a portal, a user will find themselves at app.riipen.com, which reflects Riipen's branding and shows content across all portals and all companies.

  • As an educator or learner, you will usually always be accessing Riipen at a portal subdomain.

  • As an employer, you will usually access Riipen outside of a portal, unless you obtain a portal pass for a portal (by invitation or application) in order to access their private marketplace.


Why am I seeing different terminology?

Portals within Riipen have the ability to customize different terminology across Riipen. Because of this, when you navigate to or between portals, the terminology may change.

Additionally, Riipen's help center will always use the default terminology, so you may encounter customized terms within a portal, but default terms within the help center.

Here is a list of default terms which are applied to portals (and the help center) prior to any customization.


Common Customizations






Teacher, Administrator, Facilitator




Course, Program


Student, Participant


School, Institution

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