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Achievements (new on Riipen in June 2023) offer a way to gamify the Riipen experience for learners, educators and employers plus connect with external badging platforms.

Riipen now issues achievements to all users for completing different platform activities; this helps build up your profile on Riipen, and indicates to other users that you interact with that you have experience and credibility.

Personal achievements

Under the section "Achievements" in the top area of your main navigation menu, headed "My Content", you'll see all the achievements you have earned and may earn in the future. As you make progress to new achievements, you'll see that information reflected in this tab.

Portal achievements

As a portal administrator, you also have the ability to issue achievements that are exclusive to your portal. These will be awarded to your learners, your educators, or your portal pass employers (depending on how you configure the achievement).

To get started, go to the "Achievements" option under the "PORTAL" heading in your main navigation menu. Then click "Create achievement".

Achievements should have a name and description that are user-facing and easy for the recipient and others to understand.

The Criteria section indicates when the achievement should be issued; issuing is automatic based on these criteria.

You can select who is eligible for the achievement, the action for which it's awarded, what criteria that action needs to meet, and whether it needs to be done multiple times or only once. You can add further conditions that vary based on the type of action.

For example, in the below, learners would receive this achievement if they submit to two milestones on one or multiple projects.

You can provide your own image, or use the avatar builder to create one from the available options.

Once created, you can edit your achievement up until it's been awarded to a user. Once awarded, it can only be "retired" and not edited or deleted entirely.


You can link your Riipen achievements to open badging platforms to award them automatically as an open badge. More on this soon as new integration options are added.

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