Learner worklog

Using Riipen’s time tracking tool to log time spent on a project.

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Using Riipen’s worklog, learners can log time spent on tasks for each project they are working on. This allows educators and employers to track what the learners have been working on and how many hours have been completed so far.

How to log hours for a project as a learner?

  1. Go to the team page for your project and click on the “Worklog” tab. Next, click on the “+ Log Work” button in the top right corner of the table.

  2. Fill out the details (Task, Description, Time, Date) and click submit.

  3. Once you click submit, your task will appear in the worklog. You may edit or delete the task at any time. Please note, the tasks you log will be visible to the employer, educator, and your team members for that project.

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