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Getting Started with Advance Ontario: Students
Getting Started with Advance Ontario: Students

Student instructions for the Advance Ontario program

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This article will help guide you through the Advance Ontario "Count Me In" sign up process, as well as the account creation process.

1. Visit Click on “Count Me In”. The "Count Me In" list serves a crucial purpose: guaranteeing that every student who matches with a project will receive payment.

2. In a new tab you will be prompted to complete the Eligibility Form.

🎉Congratulations!🎉 Once complete, if eligible, you will be added to the "Count Me In" list and receive a confirmation email.

Please note: The "Count Me In" list plays a pivotal role in Advance Ontario's commitment to equitable stipend distribution. By joining the list, you secure your position in the queue to receive funding. As projects become available and align with eligible students, we systematically work through the list to ensure that every deserving student receives their stipend. 🌟

Bear in mind that the waiting period may fluctuate depending on project availability and various other factors. While we can't offer a precise timeline, enrolling in the "Count Me In" list enhances your chances of being matched sooner.

3. When it is your time, you will receive an invitation to join the Advance Ontario experience.

4. The email link will bring you to "Sign In" or "Sign Up". If you have an existing Riipen account, you can sign in. If you are new to Riipen, create your account after selecting “Get Started” by first selecting “Sign up” under the “Learner” user type on the right hand side.

5. Next, fill in your information in the fields below and click “Create account”.

6. Next, add your pronouns (optional), location, and choose up to 5 categories that interest you (ex: Communications, Marketing, Business Development, Graphic Design, etc.).

7. Once Complete, select the “Find portal” button in the center of the screen.

8. To view the Advance Ontario portal, search “Advance Ontario” in the search bar on the left hand side and select the “Advance Ontario” Portal name in the results.

9. Select "Advance Ontario" under "Experiences". This is where you will be able to join and view projects.

Please be advised that you will not be able to join the portal or view Advance Ontario projects until you have completed eligibility and been invited to from the "Count Me In" list.

Similarly, once on the platform, you will be able to find the Advance Ontario portal on the left side navigation bar under “Portals” and by searching Advance Ontario in the left hand search bar.

10. Before you are granted access to the experience, you will be asked to verify your identity. Select "Start Verification".

To complete these steps you will be required to:

  • Verify your identity with a selfie and a government issued ID

  • Verify your post-secondary enrolment status with a Proof of Enrolment letter from your post-secondary institution

  • Verify your SIN

11. Start verifying your identity through our 3rd party provider, Persona.

If you receive a notification that your verification is pending, this means that our Advance Ontario team is reviewing your verification. This should be updated within 2 business days.

11. Sign the agreements to gain access to project matching. The "sign agreements" button will be on the top right corner of the Advance Ontario page under Experiences.

** not seeing an agreements option right now - to be updated.

12. Now you can start matching with projects!

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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