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AscentUP - Stipend Payments
AscentUP - Stipend Payments
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To securely process AscentUP stipend payments, Riipen is partnered with payment provider Tipalti. To receive the stipend for your completed project you will be required to enter your banking information on the Riipen platform.

AscentUP operates on a 21 day payout period for learners completing employer projects. Your stipend will be processed within 21 days of our team receiving your final submission on the Riipen platform, your program exit survey, and employer feedback on your project submission.

Setting up your payment account

You will be prompted to set up your payment account when you start working on your employer project.

When you select "Set up your payment account" you will be taken to a page to input your payment information.

This will include:

  • Your address

  • Your bank account details (including branch routing number/transit number)

  • Your bank’s branch address (you can easily look up this information online)

  • Your Social Security Number

Once you have completed the Tipalti registration, you can click back into the Riipen portal and continue to start working on your employer project.

If you do not see the yellow banner, follow the steps below for editing a payment account.

Editing a payment account

If you ever need to change the information associated with a payment account such as banking information, you can:

  1. Click on your user avatar in the top navigation bar and select "Settings"

  2. Click the "Payment Accounts" tab in the "Advanced" group

  3. Click on the payment account you wish to update - this will say "Tipalti"

  4. Click on the "Edit" button

  5. Follow the prompts on screen

Always ensure your payment account information is up to date as you will be unable to receive payments otherwise.

Viewing your payment

To view payments for yourself for work completed on a particular project,

  1. Navigate to the team page

  2. Click on the "Payments" tab

You will now see your payment for work completed. Payments will be visible and processed by the AscentUP team once they have confirmed that you have completed your employer project (by reviewing your final submission), have received employer feedback, and have submitted the learner exit survey.

To see details about any particular payment, click the "Actions" button and click "View".

You can find more information about payment statuses by viewing this article here.

Common error notifications

You may run into one of these common errors when adding or updating your payment information.

Error Type


Action Required

eCheck payment rejected or payment failed

Bank information is incorrect.

You will receive an email notification to update your information.

Update your banking information & respond to the email from Tipalti once updated.

This will notify the AscentUP team to issue payment.

Error 6

Occurs if you have a space or a special character in your first or last name on your Riipen profile.

You will be notified on the platform.

Removing the space or special character on your Riipen profile should then allow you to update this payment info.

Click your profile icon in the top right corner, and then on your name (bold in blue) to edit your profile name.

"If you wish to edit your details, please contact support" notification

You will be notified on the platform.

Notify the AscentUP team by clicking on the avocado in the bottom right of your screen and submitting a payment ticket. We will contact Tipalti to help resolve the issue.

Additional information required

Banking information is incomplete.

You will receive an email notification to complete missing fields in your information.

Complete your banking information & respond to the email from Tipalti once updated.

This will notify the AscentUP team to issue payment.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or via email at

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