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Tech Talent Boost Washington FAQs - Employers
Tech Talent Boost Washington FAQs - Employers

Your questions about the Tech Talent Boost Washington Program

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What is Tech Talent Boost Washington?

Through Tech Talent Boost Washington Program (TTBW) students and recent alumni are granted the unique opportunity to engage in employer-led project-based internships as a pathway to job placement in the tech sector. Powered by Riipen, the leading work-based learning platform, TTBW supports Washington based employers to expand their hiring practices to test-drive talent and hire the best best-fit participants to join their team.

Why is TTBW important for participants?

TTBW allows students and recent alumni looking to explore the tech sector to benefit from paid work-based learning experiences through 40 hour internships. Participants are able to enhance and showcase their skills, form employer networks, and connect with long-term employment opportunities. Completed remotely over 4 weeks, employer projects provide authentic experience and support career clarity to pave the way for success in the dynamic job market.

Why is TTBW important for employers?

Through TTBW, Washington based employers can engage with talented students and alumni from North Seattle College’s BSc Application Development and BSc Computer Science programs. TTBW allows employers to broaden their hiring practices by engaging with participants to test drive emerging tech talent. Employers can assess candidates over a fully subsidized 40 hour collaboration, and hire the best-fit members to join their team. Whether it's filling immediate positions or building a pipeline for talent requirements in the near future, TTBW serves as a valuable resource for employers to meet their hiring needs, and get their digital tech projects completed.

Am I an eligible employer?

Employers must be located in US and considered as one of the following:

  • not-for-profit employer;

  • public sector employer (post-secondary institution); or,

  • private sector employer

Employers may not be:

  • An elected official

  • part of an organization that engages in partisan political activities; and/or, a federal, provincial, territorial and municipal government.

You will be asked to verify your company information when joining the TTBW program. You can find out more about our employer verification process here.

What is the employer registration process?

To sign up for TTBW you will first need to join the TTBW portal where you can post your projects to be matched to the program. If you are new to Riipen, you will be prompted to create an employer account and populate your company’s portal profile. On joining the program, you will be asked to verify that you meet the TTBW eligibility criteria, as outlined in our Terms and Conditions here. For more info on the verification process, view this article here.

What does an TTBW project need to include?

Employers can post a range of digital tech projects in the core program areas of Web Application Design & Development, Mobile Application Development, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics. Projects should provide 40 hours of work per participant. Each project must be completed over 4 weeks. For more information on how to create and submit a project for TTBW, you can consult this article.

How many projects can I submit and how many participants can I take on?

There’s no limit to how many projects an employer can submit to the TTBW program, especially if you are hiring for multiple roles or across different teams in your organization. The participants will be assigned in teams of 5, directly to the project through the program. That being said, we ask that you be mindful of the amount of participants you accept to work on your project, to ensure you can dedicate appropriate time to each participant.

What if my project requires more than 40 hours of work?

Projects are assigned teams of up to 5 participants, which means your project should be able to be completed over 200 hours in total. If you think you will need more than this we recommend splitting the work and posting multiple projects to work with more than one TTBW team.

What if my project timeline needs to change?

All TTBW projects must be completed over 4 weeks and in line with the cohorts below.

Cohort One: June 15 2024 - September 30 2024

Cohort Two: October 1 2024 - December 31 2024

Cohort Three: January 1 2025 - April 30 2025

Each participant is expected to contribute 40 hours to the project. A project timeline can be adjusted, as long it still meets those requirements and if both the employer and the participant team are in agreement to do so. To adjust the project timeline that is recorded on the Riipen platform, the employer can make a request from the settings page on the match. Instructions for how to do this can be found here. The TTBW team will review and approve new date change requests within 2 business days.

What are the Terms and Conditions for the program and what is the three strike system?

In an effort to create a good TTBW experience for all parties, we have Terms and Conditions, which can be found here. Please take a moment to read through them. You will be asked to sign the T&Cs agreement when you post your project. We've also created a three strike system. This means that if any TTBW user goes against the Terms and Conditions, they will receive a strike. You will be notified via e-mail when/if you've received a strike. If you receive three strikes, you will be removed from the program and will no longer be able to participate.

How do participants get connected to projects?

Participants will be placed into a team of 5 and will be matched to your project by the TTBW team. Participants must start and complete the project work through the Riipen platform in order to receive their stipend payment. You are welcome to communicate with them outside of the platform as well. Participants will need a dedicated contact to answer questions and provide access to any resources they need throughout the project.

What additional supports are available to participants?

Participants will have support from the Technical Employment Program Manager (TEPM) at North Seattle College. They can provide participants assistance with:

  • Career planning and professional development related to this program

  • Navigation for other issues, including food security, housing, and healthcare via public partners

  • Assistance with obtaining needed devices and connectivity for remote work

Participants will be connected with the TEPM upon signing up and will have support via email, chat, and virtual on-demand appointments.

Am I required to pay participants?

No, TTBW is a fully subsidized program. On successfully completing an employer project, each participant is paid a $1000 stipend by Riipen. For more information on confirming and completing an TTBW project please consult this article.

How does the funding work?

TTBW is different from traditional wage subsidy or grant funding programs that you might be used to. Riipen pays participants directly, which means that funding is attached to participants, not projects. Stipends are not locked in until a participant team has been matched to and started your project. Stipends are sent to participants as a one-time payment, which means that participants only receive payment upon successful completion of projects. Participants who do not fully complete the project will not be paid. Participants will not be permitted to take on more than one project.

Are participants employees of the organization?

No. Participants are neither employees of the organization they do a project for, nor of Riipen (who will pay their stipend). As such, participants do not qualify for any benefits and will not obtain any record of employment from either organizations. Upon joining the TTBW program, Riipen will require participants to submit their legal name, social security number, and mailing address so that we can issue the appropriate tax form(s).

If I choose to submit my project to other opportunities, will those participants receive stipends?

No. While you are welcome to submit your project(s) to other courses and internship programs on Riipen, connections that you make outside of the TTBW program would not have the stipend attached, even if the participants are eligible. Participants will only receive a stipend if they have applied and been accepted to your project through the TTBW portal.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or via email at

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