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Getting Started with Impact Projects - Learners
Getting Started with Impact Projects - Learners

Learner instructions for joining the Impact Projects program

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The Impact Projects program is an exclusive program for invited students and alumni from the Colorado Community College System Rapid IT Training and Employment Initiative.

1. The Impact Projects team and your program coaches will create your employer project teams - each with up to five learners. You will then be matched with a digital tech employer project.

2. Each team will receive an email inviting you to set up your Riipen account and join the Impact Projects portal. Complete the below fields and click ‘’Create account”.

3. Once in the Impact Projects portal, you will be able to view the details of your team’s project. First, you need to formally agree to the Impact Projects Terms and Conditions. Digitally sign the program T&Cs and you will then be prompted to accept your invitation to join your team.

4. Clicking on your initials avatar in the top right corner, you can edit your profile. Add your pronouns (optional), location, and choose up to 5 categories that interest you (ex: Web Development, Product Management, UX/UI design, etc.) You can further personalize your profile by including a photo, your bio, and uploading your resume. This will be shared with employers when you are working on their project.

5. Once your profile is set up, select “My projects” from the left navigation, and click on your team.

6. You’re now all set to begin working on your Impact Projects project! Click “Start project” and send a welcome message to the employer.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the avocado found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or via email at

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