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Level UP Terms & Conditions for Students
Level UP Terms & Conditions for Students

What you need to know about the Level UP Terms and Conditions

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All Level UP participants must read and adhere to the program's terms and conditions. Violations will result in strikes, per Level UP’s three-strike system. Riipen reserves the right to immediately remove participants from the platform or suspend them during an investigation into violations.

The definitions of key terms used in this document can be found outlined in this helpful article.


  • I am currently registered as a learner at an eligible Canadian Post-Secondary Education (PSE) institution or approved eligible institution and will continue to maintain this status through participation in Level UP projects.

  • I hold Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or have been granted refugee protection under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. I am also legally authorized to work in Canada in compliance with the applicable provincial or territorial laws and regulations throughout the project period.

  • I am not an International Student.

  • Holding multiple active accounts will result in program removal, possible account suspension and result in no payment for completed projects.

Employment Status

  • I acknowledge and agree that I am not an employee of Riipen Networks Inc. or the affiliated company facilitating the project and will not become an employee by participating in this program.

  • I am not a current or past employee of the company facilitating my Level UP projects.

  • I attest that I do not have any conflict of interest with the project partner company, including, but not limited to, companies where my relatives have control as a major creditor, shareholder or governing board member.

  • I am aware that I will not be eligible to receive Employment Insurance upon conclusion of the project, in the event of project cancellation or if the employer and I discontinue our collaboration before the project's fulfillment.

  • I understand that I am solely responsible for reporting any income that I earn through this program in accordance with applicable laws, including Canada’s Income Tax Act.

Project Requirements

  • I understand that to receive the $1,400 payment for project completion, I must meet the eligibility requirements described on this page, submit my final deliverables through the Riipen platform and complete the exit survey. These deliverables must include:

    • Final submission as outlined in the project description and required by the employer

    • Hours tracked in Riipen’s work log feature totalling 60 hours. This must be done in a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 30 hours per week.

    • Brief reflection of your experience on the project

  • I understand that I must not exceed 10 hours of project work a day.

  • I understand that I must complete 60 hours of work within 2-8 weeks to qualify for the stipend. Those 60 hours must be spent to complete the project in good faith as defined by the employer and tracked using Riipen’s work log feature. Working above 60 hours is not recommended or required, and will not be compensated. Partial payments are not offered.

  • I understand that I will only be paid for 3 projects per Level UP cycle and can only participate in one cycle at a time. Any additional Level UP projects completed after the 3-project limit will result in no payment, even if the work has been done.

  • I acknowledge that payment processing may take up to 21 business days from project submission. Evaluation by the Riipen team, in consultation with the employer, is required for eligibility. Incomplete projects do not qualify for payment.

  • I understand that only projects that are approved by the Riipen team and accessed through the Riipen platform are eligible for the stipend.

  • I understand that I must be officially registered as a team member and appropriately matched to the project within the Riipen platform before the start date to qualify for a stipend.

Respectful Behaviour Agreement and Consequences

  • I understand and agree that:

    • I must conduct myself with respect and professionalism towards others at all times while using this service. This includes refraining from harassment, discrimination, hate speech, threats, or any form of abusive behaviour that would be considered hateful, religiously, racially or ethnically offensive, or that is otherwise inappropriate or disrespectful at Riipen’s discretion.

    • Violation of the above conduct may result in immediate removal, suspension, or termination of my service without prior notice.

    • The program team reserves the right to determine, at their discretion, what constitutes a violation of respectful behaviour in line with Riipen’s Acceptable Use Policy.

    • Any decision made by Riipen regarding the termination of my participation due to a violation of this agreement is final and binding.

    • I am solely responsible for my actions and behaviours while using this service, and I understand that I must adhere to this agreement to continue using the service.

These terms and conditions may be updated without prior notice.

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