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Finding companies in your area
Finding companies in your area

Industry partner network size by region

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Send us an email with your region and we can let you know how many contacts we have in your area today: Our overall industry network size is over 10,000 companies. Most of which are open to doing remote projects, which allows learners to get exposure to companies in different regions.

Opening up your experience’s location preferences to both local and remote companies will allow for more options. Additionally, we are also growing our network in your region every semester via new avenues such as business associations and marketing campaigns localized for your institution.

You can also work with employers in your own network, such as from your alumni or industry relations department, at no additional cost. Do this by inviting your network of employers with a portal pass. Once you invite an employer on a portal pass, an invitation will be sent to the employer to create their account with Riipen. Any information you include in the form will be auto-filled into their account to make their sign up process even easier!

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