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How to use accessibility functionality on Riipen

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Riipen is designed to be navigated with accessibility tools such as screen-readers and voice navigation. See below for how to use various accessibility functionality.

Keyboard navigation

For greater accessibility, Riipen has the option to tab through all interactive content. While navigating any page on the site, hit the tab key on your keyboard to jump from one interaction to the next while using the enter key will cause general interaction with the highlighted element.

High contrast mode

Users with and without visual impairments may prefer to increase contrast on the site to improve readability. This option is available under the Accessibility tab in User Settings.

  1. Click on your user avatar in the top navigation bar and select "Settings".

  2. Click on the "Accessibility" tab under the "General" group.

  3. Change the theme from "Default" to "High contrast"

  4. Click Submit to save your preference.

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