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Using connected accounts for integrations on Riipen.

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Within your account on Riipen, when viewing your user account integrations, you may see a section labelled "Connected Accounts". Connected accounts on Riipen are integrations with some external software tool, which are usually used as part of the authentication process for some other integration on Riipen. These connected accounts acts purely as a form of authentication to another integration.

For example, if you are looking to use one Riipen's learning management system integrations as an educator, you may need to create a connected account as part of that integration setup which links your Riipen account to your learning management system account in order to gain access to that integration's specific actions.

Another example maybe be that you joined Riipen from some external software tool which itself has an integration with Riipen. This form of account creation will often lead to a connected account appearing in your integrations list.

All connected account integration

Connected Account



Used for authenticating experience level Canvas integrations.


Use by external software WhoPlusYou to provision user accounts on Riipen.

Removing a connected account integration

Before removing a connected account integration, note that whatever other integration or external tool that was relying on that the connected account integration may stop functioning.

  1. Click on your user avatar in the top navigation bar and select "Settings"

  2. Click the "Integrations" tab in the "Advanced" group

  3. Select the connected account integration under the "Connected Accounts" section.

  4. Click the "Delete" button.

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