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Conversations are the groups or channels of messages you receive on Riipen. They will be your primary way to engage with other stakeholders as part of your experience.

Viewing a conversation

To view any conversation you are participating in:

  1. Click on the message icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Select the conversation from the list presented

Your conversation will have additional details regarding its topic on the right hand side of the page.

Creating a conversation

Riipen automatically generates conversations between users when certain actions are taken which include:



Match request created

Experience members (educators only) and project members

Team application created

Team members and project members

Team started project

Team members and project members

* Participants may vary depending on permission levels of members

Employers and educators looking to connect before creating a match request can send each other direct messages by clicking the "Send message" button on a user's profile.

Archiving a conversation

If you wish to stop receiving notifications regarding a specific conversation, or just wish to hide that conversation in your message center:

  1. Click on the message icon in the navigation bar.

  2. Select the conversation from the messages list

  3. Click on the archive icon at the top of the conversation

You can view a list of all your archived conversations by clicking the filter icon above your messages list and selecting "Archived conversation".

A conversation can be un-archived by finding the archived conversation and clicking the un-archive icon.

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