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An overview of accessing reporting within a portal

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Reports are vital when it comes to understanding the outcomes of all of your stakeholders, identifying trends, and combining multiple data sources with Riipen to measure micro and macro effects of activity generated on Riipen, and more.

Reports can be used to:

  • Assess skill aptitude among your learners both before and after projects

  • Measure trends of learner self-reflection upon completion of projects

  • Track satisfaction of key stakeholders like educators and employers

  • Measure long and short terms outcomes regarding employability

Reports are a premium feature on Riipen, your portal must have this feature purchased in order to view any reports.


Available data

Reports offer you full and complete access to any and all data that is associated with your portal. This includes user data, experiences, projects, matchmaking, project management, feedback, and more.

All standard activity that occurs within your portal is automatically captured in reports. You can also enrich the data available in your reporting by:

  • Enabling custom questions at different points in the user journey

  • Adding custom surveys to collect the data points like reflections, evaluations, satisfaction score and more from your learners, educators, and employers.

  • Importing learner data from external sources such as academic records, demographic information, and more. Learn more about importing data.

Reports tooling

In order to make your data fully accessible, a business intelligence (BI) tool is placed on top of your data for direct access. This BI tool allows you to build, filter, sort, measure, group, or otherwise manipulate your data in any way you see fit in order to get you the exact answers to any reporting questions you have.

Reporting options

In order to access this your data, depending on your portal's license with Riipen, reporting is broken down into three options:

  1. Pre-built - Riipen provides a number of pre-built reports which we believe will be beneficial to you immediately. These reports cannot be edited.

  2. Custom - Your portal can have reports built for it by Riipen to your exact specifications often saving you or your team time and resources. Speak with your Riipen representative for more information.

  3. Self-serve - You are free to create reports yourself with the aid of our available documentation and guides. You can create as many reports as you wish.

For a full guide on reporting, click here.

How to

Grant reports access to a user

Reporting within Riipen is enabled on a per user basis within your portal, meaning for any user to have access to reports, an administrator must specifically allow them access.

To grant a portal user access to your reports:

  1. Click "Settings" below the "Portal" group in the main navigation.

  2. Click on the "Reports" tab below the "Features" group of the available settings

  3. Now simply select the user you wish to grant access to and hit "Submit"

That user will now see the "Reports" tab available in their left navigation and can click on it to view reports.

View reports

To view your portal's reports:

  1. Click "Reports" below the "Portal" group in the main navigation.

  2. Click "Launch reports"

Reports will be opened in a new tab.

For a full guide on reporting, click here.

Remove reports access to a user

To remove an individual user's ability to view reports:

  1. Click "Settings" below the "Portal" group in the main navigation.

  2. Click on the "Reports" tab below the "Features" group of the available settings

  3. Click the trash icon next to the user you wish to remove from reports access.

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