Linking portals together with subportals

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A common need from high-volume portals is to strictly segment experiences, educators, learners, companies and more. This is where subportals come in.

With subportals, one portal becomes a "parent" of many "children" subportals. For example, Riipen University would act as the parent portal, and the Riipen School of Business and Riipen College of Dramatic Arts would be subportals linked to the parent.

Subportals can only be created by a Riipen administrator. Contact your account representative for details.



Subportals are completely segregated from their parent portal in terms of functionality. This mean unique educators, learners, experiences, companies, integrations and everything else within a portal. No data or configuration is shared between parent and child portal.


When a portal is the parent of one or more subportals, all of the subportal's data will be accessible by the parent portal's reporting dashboard. This means you will be able to build reports as a parent portal administrator which contain all the data of the subportals as well.

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