Linking portals together with subportals

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A common request from high-volume portals is how to segment content when multiple different areas are involved in using Riipen.

In cases where related groups want to operate independently and have separate controls and settings for their experiences, it is recommended to have separate but linked portals via subportals.

With subportals, one portal becomes the "parent" and the others the subportals or "child". For example, Riipen University would act as the parent portal, and the Riipen School of Business and Riipen College of Dramatic Arts would be subportals linked to the parent.

  • The parent portal shows all subportals linked to it under the its profile "Portals" tab.

  • The subportal profile shows the parent portal name and link under the subportal name.

  • All experiences under the subportal also show the parent portal name and link under the subportal URL

This items portray the parent-subportal portal relationship visually on both the experience page and portal profile, but otherwise allows the portals to operate independently. Customization, educators, learners, portal passes, projects, etc are all entirely separate and not shared.

Subportals can only be created by a Riipen administrator. Contact your account representative for details.

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