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Completing a Level UP Project
Completing a Level UP Project

How to successfully start and complete your Level UP project to ensure payment.

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After following the steps in Getting Started with Level UP: Learners, you can now start applying for projects. Learn more on how to apply to projects and how to stand out in the application process.

If you are accepted into a project, it will automatically create a team page for you on Riipen. You will be able to access this from your dashboard under "My projects".

Before diving into any work, students must first click on their project, complete the onboarding survey and hit the “start project” button.

To change your project dates, visit: Date changes for Learners. If you forgot a step and your team state is “incomplete”, visit: Team States for more information.

Students must follow milestones and deadlines throughout the project to avoid an “incomplete” team state.

Students are required to log their 60 hours of work using the worklog feature. Your submissions may not exceed 30 hours per week.

Both employers and students are encouraged to use the messaging feature on Riipen for seamless communication during the project.

Once your final submission deadline approaches, and you've completed your project, including logging your work hours, it's time to hit "submit" and upload your final submission. You can only do this if your team is in an active state.

This submission must include three things:

1. A reflection note on your project work. How did it go? What did you learn?

2. Upload your deliverables with original work. These need to reflect your 60 hours of work and must be in line with the project scope.

3. Your 60 hours tracked in Riipen's worklog feature

Once the submission has been made, the student will be notified to complete an exit survey.

Level UP operates on a 21 business day payout period for students completing Level UP projects. Payment will be reviewed by the Level UP team once the employer provides feedback on a project submission and the student exit survey has been received.

Students: We have updated our payment process. You can read about it here.

Employers: After the project concludes, you'll be asked to complete an exit survey, reflect on the student's work, and give feedback directly on Riipen. This feedback is crucial for processing payment promptly. You can provide feedback on the team page on Riipen, located on the Overview tab, below their final submission. Please confirm the completion and approval of the student's final deliverables.

If five weeks pass without feedback from the Level UP employer, the Riipen Level UP team will contact the employer. If there's no response, the Level UP team will review your final deliverable on behalf of the employer, potentially causing a delay in payment.

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