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Complete and manage your account tasks

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Based on actions you take, you will be assigned to tasks that need your further actions to complete. These tasks can range from required actions to unblock other users to optional tasks which will make your experience better by completing but are not required.



There are three different priority levels of tasks:

  • Required - These are tasks which you must complete in order the make further progress on the activities you are completing.

  • Recommended - While not strictly required, these are tasks which you should complete to make the activities you are completing easier or provide you with a better overall experience

  • Improvement - Tasks which may make your experience better if you want to take advantage of all the tools in your tool belt.

Due dates

One you take a specific action, you are likely to generate more tasks for yourself to complete later. You can always reference your task list to see upcoming tasks you will need to complete and when they will need to be completed by, even when those tasks are not due for a while.

As you get closer to a task's due date, it's priority will be moved up to that it appears at the top of your task list.


If you are on a portal's subdomain ([portal name], you will only see tasks related to your work within that portal.

If you are not on a portal's subdomain (, you will see all of your tasks related to all of your work.

How to

View all tasks

To view all of your tasks:

  1. Click the bell icon in the top navigation bar

Complete a task

To complete a task, simply click the button for the task and complete the objective. Tasks will be automatically completed once you take the appropriate action.

Some tasks required external action and you must manually mark them as completed. See below.

Mark a task as complete

To manually mark a task as complete:

  1. Click the check mark on the task

Snooze a task

To snooze a task and hide it from your task list for a short time period:

  1. Click the alarm clock icon on the task

  2. Enter your snooze time

  3. Click "Submit"

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