Feedback policy

Riipen's policy on feedback between users.

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Public feedback is important to help Riipen users build a transparent community and make informed decisions. We expect feedback on Riipen to adhere to the criteria below; reviews that violate any of these guidelines will be removed.

  1. Feedback must not violate our content policy.
    Feedback cannot include hate speech, profanity, or other content prohibited by our Acceptable Use Policy.

  2. Feedback should be unbiased.
    Constructive feedback should provide an unbiased picture of the user’s experience. Feedback must be based on a real project experience that has concluded. A user may not use the threat of negative feedback, or promise of positive feedback, to incentivize a biased review from another user. A user may not compensate another user for a review.

  3. Feedback should be related to the project experience.
    To ensure feedback is relevant to other users, make sure your feedback is specifically about your experience on the project. It should not include personal commentary about the personality or character of the other party, reference to events outside of the other party’s control, or general commentary about the business or educational institution that is not related to their activity on Riipen.

Feedback Removal

Riipen will remove feedback that violates any of the above criteria. Contact to report feedback that you feel is inappropriate, biased, or off topic. We will also remove feedback at the request of its author.

In the event of a disagreement over the fairness or accuracy of feedback you have received, please contact for assistance. We will not remove feedback over questions of fairness or accuracy unless it violates other criteria of this policy, but will allow the recipient an opportunity to publicly post a response.

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