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Customization of feedback
Customization of feedback

Customize the feedback employers provide to learners

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As an experience administrator, you can customize the set of questions that employers must answer when providing feedback your learners. These questions will appear in addition to the existing questions set by Riipen.

  1. To customize this feedback for your experience, go to your experience settings and click on the "Feedback" tab under the Project management section:

  2. Enter the question text, hint text, and question type. You may choose from a variety of question types (checkbox, date, document, multiple choice, number, linear scale, long text, and short text).

  3. If you want the question to be mandatory, select the "Required" checkbox. If you would prefer it to be optional, keep the "Required" checkbox blank.

  4. Add more questions if needed.

  5. Make sure the "Enable feedback questions" checkbox is checked.

  6. Click Submit.

Employers will now be asked to answer these questions as part of their feedback to learners at the end of a project. You may edit or disable these questions at anytime.

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